Racing, How and more info – March 20th, a date for your diary

Something that quite a few of us have been waiting for – the full SP on racing.

We are fortunate to have amongst our members Nick, who knows a bit about this subject and he is willing to give us some of his time to help us make our club sailing a great deal more interesting.

This is from Nick
I thought the talk would be aimed at trying to get all those interested to see how they can race themselves, how to run the race from the rescue boat, and a few basic sailing rules to discourage people from bumping into each other!
1)So, talk will be on how to be a racer (not how to win a race – well not yet, anyway!),
2)how to run a race,
3) basic rules of racing.
If you want to include anything else, let me know. I would guess my chat would last about an hour, and it will definitely be interactive so that all that want to take part in racing can add their thoughts. Only really intended for, though, those who are interested in taking part in races, or running them, and intended to help get the club racing “off the ground”


A racing event, staged as often as practicable, will bring a purpose to our sailing. The target would be a once a month race and you will probably already be aware that the safety boat has laid a course for a couple of recent Sundays.  We intend to do this on every Sunday when the weather is suitable and there are sufficient people on the water to make it worth while. So, you chaps and chapesses will be able to practice and then put yourselves to the test.

Here are the details of When & Where – Wednesday, 20th March.  Venue –Tela Marina 7 pm, 19:00 hours. Tapas and drinks will be available!

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