Sunday 20th July, Garrucha and Mojacar

Sunday morning saw the usual activity in the dinghy park at Gurracha Marina as our members readied their boats from 10:30 prior to the drift over to La Oficina for a café con leche at 11:00 before taking to the water.

The hot topic was, what will the wind do and is it OK to lay the buoys for the race? Recently the winds have been strong and swinging round to the South West with a very hot breeze and the seas have been lumpy of late, making it uncomfortable sailing. Following a speculative debate, it was decided that the buoys would not be laid and that those who wished to would venture out into the harbour and proceed from there if they felt comfortable.  The safety boat was there as always and in addition, Nick decided to give his RIB a try as extra cover.

Sailing out on our Dehla 25, Blitzen, with the main on first reef, we did see Steve and Lynne in the RS Vision within the port entrance and Stephen in his Casi Casi out of the harbour and defying the elements. With a good wind, Blitzen soon powered up and with the direction of the wind from the South, we were quickly straight out to sea.  If I have missed any of you sailors out, my apologies.

We first headed directly out towards North Africa but as we had forgotten the marmalade sandwiches started to head Northwards up the coast, then changed our minds and headed towards Mojacar on a close hauled course. On this tack we made better than envisaged headway down the coast near to the hotels before tacking again onto a close haul East, directly back out to sea.

We managed to get a good way down the Mojacar playas and by the time we decided to head back to our Garrucha home port we were midway between the Parque Comerciál and Macenas. We came back on a fast run with the wind just over the starboard quarter. Having earlier put a couple of furler turns on the genoa as the wind hit 21 knots, we let these out and let her go.  Realising that we would not make the harbour entrance on this course we decided to gull wing. This involved a gybe and as always, Blitzen behaved perfectly as we controlled the boom and set her up to arrive at the port entrance.

By the time we made it back to our club house, La Oficina, everyone had gone but we scooped down our claras, ate our paella tapa and agreed it had been a great sail!

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