Non-profit organisation providing a safe, organised and friendly environment for dinghy sailors to sail together, with informal racing outside Garrucha’s port area, to socialise, and to share knowledge and experience. 

Santa Irene Club de Vela

Welcome to our GREAT LITTLE DINGHY sailing club

With a fascinating  history spanning over two decades, Santa Irene Club de Vela is the ideal platform for experienced dinghy sailors based at or visiting the coast of Garrucha to get together and enjoy weekly adventures on the water, keeping alive our founder’s passion of sailing.

Santa Irene Club de Vela

Multinational club with diverse membership

Our international club has approximately 50 members, including individuals from all over the world, bringing their diverse and rich experiences to the Santa Irene Dinghy Sailing Club.

Santa Irene Club de Vela

A SAILING club with tradition

Santa Irene Club de Vela is renowned for its longstanding tradition of organising regattas every Sunday. Each Sunday, club members gather at the harbour from 10:00 to meet up with colleagues, prepare their boats and rig their sails, exchange tips and race strategies before launching  into the water.

At the end of the day, after the races, participants gather at a local restaurant/bar to refresh from the days exertions, share stories and celebrate the day’s racing accomplishments. 

This Sunday regatta tradition has fostered a strong sense of community and a passion for sailing among the club members, making it one of the most anticipated moments of the week for all its members.