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April Newsletter

Dear Members.

We now have an electricity supply. This is situated on the south side of the Dinghy Park close to where the Flying Dutchmen are currently parked. The key  to this cupboard resides in the shed, and has a tennis ball as a key fob.  It hangs on a hook, on the right, by the window frame. For those of us who need to frequently repair and improve our boats, this is a significant aid to DIY!

Two brand new Wayfarer launch trailers, that have been sorely needed for some time, are now in the DP.  We hope to deploy these this coming Sunday if we have enough strong and willing hands available!

I have negotiated with a printer in Palomares, to produce a run of  Club polo shirts with an embroidered logo, similar to the present shirt, with the addition of  ‘Puerto Deportivo, Garrucha’ underneath the logo.  If we can get 15/ 20 orders, then the price would be 13 euros each,( at least eight of you have said informally that you would be interested, so we should be able to make up this number).  The printer has loaned me some examples of shirts to check for sizing, but the normal; Small, Medium, Large, XLarge, XXlarge, are available.  I shall be taking orders at La Oficina on Sunday, or you can e-mail me with your requirements as soon as you can.

The limit to cars coming into the DP has made the towing of craft in and out of the park much less harzardous and less restricting of boat movement for all. Thank you for your continuing support and understanding of this decision

Fair winds and safe harbours to you all


Club President

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