No Racing Today 30/4/2017

The wind came up very strong today, southerly to south westerly at times.  It was the top end of a f4 with stronger gusts.  We had sevenboats on the water all signed up to race, but when we poked our bows outside the harbour, most took the sensible decision to turn back.  A few of us ventured out to the racing area, but eventually decided the conditions were a bit too challenging, so racing was abandoned for the day.

Unfortunately Phil had a bit of bad luck in the Flying Dutchman, when a broken block resulted in Phil, Steve and Lynne being dumped in the water. Their problems were compounded when Phil’s mast float failed to inflate resulting in a total inversion.  Fortunately Lynne used her VHF radio to call the safety boat crew who were out at sea at the time.  After a bit of a struggle and some advice from Nick they managed to right her and limp back to the slipway.

A big thank you to the safety boat crew again this Sunday, you has some real rescue work and I’m sure a good soaking when you retrieved the buoys.  Thanks guys.

We hope for better conditions next Sunday….

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