Our New Home In The Dinghy Park


The Santa Irene Sailing Club now has a new storage facility albeit that it need a few final touches to finish it off including a new coat of preservative to tart the exterior up, some new acrylic for the windows and the roof felt receiving some patches to the ridge and centre joins.

Standing in the corner next to the road in the recinto (boat park) it should give us all a sense of belonging. Next step, water. We will keep plugging away at the port authority and we are hopeful that this will happen eventually.

But, what a result!! Once the new three metre banner is flying above it our presence will be clear for all to see. Without doubt it is an important step forward.

So far it has solicited an offer to purchase and several reservations for space to get a kip when things are not too hunky dory at home, including our good friend at the port office, Manolo!!

Thanks indeed to Richard for parting with his shed and to Tony, Nick, David and Vic who joined me to help dismantle, convey and erect it.

Once fully completed, a champagne moment I think?

Ian Roriston 11/08/2014

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