Race Result 30th October 2016

After a busy hour weeding in the dinghy park, it’s now looking a little better.  Thanks to everyone who helped out with the weeding and tidy up party – more next Sunday…

Five boats ventured out to attempt a race in very light winds!  We were all pleased to welcome new member Andy to the club.  Andy sails a Laser 1 – it turns out very skillfully!  Congratulations on winning your first race at the club Andy, you are obviously going to give us some good competition in the future.  The wind was so light we only managed one lap and only one race.  However it was good to see 5 boats joining the racing today and just one of the Wayfarers out free sailing.

Crew Boat Handicap Mins Secs Tot Secs Corrected Time Position
Andy Laser 169842 1091 22 29 1349 1236 1
Sarah & Steve C Flying Dutchman 1899 879 25 12 1512 1720 2
Malcolm RS Vareo 403 1071 34 40 2080 1942 3
Graham & Lynne RS Vision 425 1134 38 17 2297 2026 4
Juergen & Jo Flying Dutchman 1634 879 34 15 2055 2338 5

Thanks very much to Jo Fraser for doing an exemplary job as OOD today. also thanks to John Budden and Allan Dawe for standing in on the Safety boat and starting and timing the race.

Malcolm Kaye


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