Race Results 10th July 2016

It’s good to see the racing is still continuing through July with three boats racing on Sunday.  The first race had a very close finish with all three boats crossing the finish line within 13 seconds of each other.  Well done Steve Casburn with two potential new members Maggie and Steve, as crew in the club Wayfarer – they were first across the finish line!   But when closely followed by the two Visions, congratulations go to Nick and Paula once again for another first on handicap calculation.  Also a clear win for Nick and Paula in race two.

A big thank you also to Vic for being Officer of the Day and for stepping in to the gap to man the safety boat with another potential new member Antonio. Many thanks Vic and Antonio.

Crew Boat Hcap. Laps Rec’d Time Time in Secs Corrected Time Position
Race 1
Nick & Paula RS Vision 1082 1134 3 29:21 1761 1553 1
Graham & Lynne RS Vision 425 1134 3 29:23 1763 1555 2
Steve/Maggie/Steve Wayfarer 1112 3 29:10 1750 1574 3
Race 2
Nick & Paula RS Vision 1082 1134 2 18:15 1095 966 1
Graham & Lynne RS Vision 425 1134 2 21:02 1262 1113 2
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