Race Results 16th September 2018

As more members arrive back in the area it was good to see our fleet of six boats taking to the water this Sunday.  The Whittles were proudly sailing their newly acquired RS Vision and learning about some of its interesting ways!  It’s easy to get into a bit of a tangle when you have rigging for multiple sails but I’m sure they’ll soon get to grips with it.

Five boats joined in the racing.  Light wind and a gentle rolling sea was the order of the day for the first race.  There were a few flat spots when the wind dropped but the fast boats managed three laps and the rest of us completed two.  Average lap times calculations have been used in the results.

Only three boats in the second race when the wind freshened and gave us a bit more excitement.  Graham and John in the Albacore provided the Safety Boat with a job to do when they capsized on the third lap.  With no mast float, the boat turned turtle and they provided interesting entertainment for the onlookers whilst struggling to right her.  She’s a heavy old boat that Albacore so not easy to right and being high sided, very difficult to climb back on board.  It’s all good training though as everyone sailing should know how to recover from a capsize.

The wind picked up well so we all had an exciting run back into the harbour.  Unfortunately, Graham and John’s troubles weren’t over as their tiller handle snapped in two on the way back in so they had to manage with a paddle stuck in the rudder to try and steer the boat back!  So an eventful day aboard the Albacore!!

Race Results below:

Recorded Time Time in Seconds Corrected Time
Crew Boat Handicap Laps Minutes Seconds Position
Race 1
Nick Phantom 1172 999 3 41 40 2459 2461 1
Peter & Luca Flying Dutchman 879 3 40 59 2500 2844 2
Malcolm RS Vareo 403 1090 2 38 9 2289 3150 3
Graham & John Albacore 1038 2 39 58 2398 3465 4
Barrie Jacqui & Finlay Wayfarer 1102 2 W 5
Race 2
Nick Phantom 1172 999 3 29 3 1743 1745 1
Malcolm RS Vareo 403 1090 3 34 2 2042 1873 2
Graham & John Albacore 1038 2 DNF DNF
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