Race Results 22nd October 2017

Interesting conditions today led to difficult racing.  Wind strength wasn’t a particular problem but a big swell on the sea and a strengthening north easterly made it quite tricky to sail the course.  Although six boats launched and five intended to race only Nick and Paula managed a trouble free round!  Jim and Judith in the Wayfarer thought best to retire early.  Andy Bond shot into the lead after a great start and was going well increasing his lead in his first two laps.   Then inexplicably he capsized part way up the beat.  His main sheet had snapped close to the knot at the end.  He righted the boat easily and then set about re-threading the main-sheet, a tricky and slow process in such a lumpy sea.  As a result Nick and Malcolm were able to sail past him to complete a third lap.  On gybing around the mark at the start line, Malcolm capsized and was very grateful to the rescue crew, John S and Andy for pulling him clear of the rocks as the onshore wind was blowing the boat dangerously close to the rocks and a group of snorkellers.  So after numerous attempts Malcolm eventually got back in the boat and decided to call it a day.  Andy finished the three laps but as the SB crew were preoccupied rescuing Malcolm, they were unable to record his time.

Recorded Time Time in Seconds Corrected Time
Crew Boat Handicap Laps Minutes Seconds Position
Race 1
Nick & Paula RS Vision 1128 3 22 35 1355 1201 1
Malcolm RS Vareo 1085 3 24 36 1476 1360 2
Andy Laser 1097 3 w w w w 3
Derek & Dave Express 1135 DNF


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