Race Results 28th April 2019

The sun was shining, the sky was blue and the weather forecast was perfect.  What more could the sailing club want?
Well, we would have liked to have been able to get the boats out of the dinghy park and onto the road to the slip.  But the road works at the side of the DP on the way to the port had left a large machine blocking the way and a lot of rubble, rocks and a sizeable new kerb between the gates and the access road.
The sailors were not to be deterred (after 3 non-sailing weeks due to very strong winds and rain).
 Ideas to take the boats up to the roundabout and back down the other side of the tunnel were mooted. Fences being removed were considered inevitable. The local police, the security company and the Guardia Civil were all phoned.  Finally a ramp was constructed from blocks and pallets and then the port chief arrived.  Was he impressed by the community spirit lugging, lifting and hauling the rescue boat and 3 dinghies across the  makeshift ramp?
Everybody who wanted to got out to sail and they all said that it had been worth it and they had enjoyed the racing especially the second race when the wind began to pick up.
2 new members enjoyed sailing with Jo on the Wayfarer


Recorded Time Time in Seconds Corrected Time
Crew Boat Handicap Laps Minutes Seconds Position
Race 1
Nick Phantom 1002 2 33 41 2021 2017 1
Peter & Luca Flying Dutchman 879 2 34 2 2042 2323 2
Jo & Crew Wayfarer 1102 2 43 14 2594 2354 3
Race 2
Nick Phantom 1002 2 21 59 1319 1316 1
Peter & Luca Flying Dutchman 879 2 21 5 1265 1439 2
Jo & Crew Wayfarer 1102 2 29 9 1749 1587 3
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