Race Results Sunday 9th September 2018

Race Report by Nick Berridge

With a forecast of fairly strong wind, rain, thunder and lightning, those sailors who felt it best to stay at home could be forgiven for thinking that! However, as the seasoned sailors know, you never can tell here in Garrucha, and it can certainly be worth a punt as to whether the conditions might be OK after all. As it turned out, we only had one of those four elements, with a few spots of rain. Consequently, those 3 boats that took to the water had a very good sail, and even managed a good race. A course of Eastern, Southern, Harbour was set by OOD Graham, and given the fickle wind direction, the fact that he managed to fit in a beat was no mean feat! The waves were of a reasonable size, but not breaking, so the competitors were evidently doing all they could to surf some of those, with varying degrees of success. A bit more wind would have helped. It was good to see Derek and Caroline back racing on the water, and Peter and Luca are definitely getting to grips with their new Flying Dutchman, and will no doubt become a force to reckon with. All in all, a great days sailing, and thanks again to OOD and safety boat Graham and John.

Recorded Time Time in Seconds Corrected Time
Crew Boat Handicap Laps Minutes Seconds Position
Race 1
Nick Phantom 1286 999 3 26 3 1563 1565 1
Peter & Luca Flying Dutchman 879 3 27 16 1636 1861 2
Derek & Caroline Wayfarer 1102 3 W 3
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