Sailing Report 4th November 2018

Another busy day at the Sailing Club.  Ten boats ventured out and ten boats entered and started to race:

3 Wayfarers

2 RS Visions

2 Flying Dutchmen

1 Lark

1 RS Vareo

1 Phantom

Ten boats racing must be a record for us.  However ten boats didn’t finish the race when the wind came round to the south and threw all it had at us.  After various capsizes  and a little excitement, most abandoned the race and headed for safety in the harbour.  The excitement continued for a short while with a great deal of congestion on the slipway, but thankfully all returned safely.  Sadly, no race results this week.  The excitement continued further for John and Laurie who were doing their best to bring the buoys back.  After a short delay Nick and Graham returned to the buoy recovery task in some fairly interesting conditions.  Thanks to John, Laurie, Nick and Graham for all your support.

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