Sailing Report and Race Results 7th October 2018

Another exciting day’s sailing as the wind turned out to be much stronger than forecast- again!!

There was plenty of action on the slipway and seven boats all joining in the racing.  The first race started in light winds and the wind built steadily.  Congratulations go to Andy Bond for a great win in the Laser

A second race was started when the wind had built up to the top end of a f4 which made life very exciting.  It was a typical Garrucha afternoon southerly, getting stronger all the time.  We sailed a port hand course with the second leg downwind, providing exhilarating surfing as we raced down to the gybe mark.  Unfortunately there seemed to be some confusion about the finish and no times were recorded but after two laps and a decision to head back to the harbour, Andy was first, Rodolpho and Phil crossed the line next followed by Malcolm then Stuart.  Graham and David attempted a gybe to overtake Stuart at the finish line which resulted in a spectacular capsize!

By this time the wind was very strong and whilst heading back to the harbour with the wind behind me I fouled up my gybe approaching the harbour and also capsized!  The wind was blowing hard and after four attempts at righting and the boat capsizing again, I was being blown closer to the Virgin beach.  On one occasion the wind actually picked up my sail, righted the boat then capsized it again whilst I just hung on to remain connected to the boat.  Inevitably I was blown onto the beach. Although it was very embarrassing, I’m pleased to say that after numerous attempts, four very helpful swimmers assisted me in relaunching off the beach.  Not the ending I’d hoped for but it could have been a lot worse if I’d been blown onto the rocks!

Everyone arrived safely back at the slipway, some a bit wetter and wearier than others, but I’m pleased to say no injuries.  Thanks to John Budden and Steve Whittle for manning the Safety Boat and to Dave Anthony for Officer of the Day duty.

Results of the first race follow, unfortunately no results for race two.

Recorded Time Time in Seconds Corrected Time
Crew Boat Handicap Laps Minutes Seconds Position
Race 1
Andy Laser 1098 3 41 2 2462 2242 1
Graham & David Lark 2503 1070 3 47 4 2824 2639 2
Rodolfo & Philip FD AUT18 879 3 39 3 2343 2666 3
Peter & Luca FD 1898 879 3 40 8 2408 2739 4
Malcolm RS Vareo 403 1090 3 50 2 3002 2754 5
Pete & Stuart Wayfarer 1 1102 3 58 2 3482 3160 6
Derek, Caroline & Dave Wayfarer 2 1102 3 59 8 3548 3220 7
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