Sunday Sailing

Although the day started out with very little wind, it soon built up to a steady f2 approaching F3 at times, steady  ENE.  It was a racing day but sadly not enough of us wanted to race.  I put the buoys out early on, ably assisted by Rodolfo and his son.  So I was a little disappointed that we couldn’t race.  Only three boats took to the water, Myself in the RS Vareo, Lynne and Antonio in the RS Vision and Juergen, Sarah and potential new member Derek in the Flying Dutchman.  What always surprises me is the twenty plus people in the Oficina for coffee but only 6 going out sailing!  Where have all the sailors gone?

I sailed out to the buoys, escorted by John Chalmers who had volunteered to man the safety boat with his two friends.  Thanks John for volunteering, you did a good job for us.  I then made a number of circuits of what I would say was a perfect course.  A good upwind leg to the easterly buoy followed by the next two legs, perfect for flying the Gennaker – what could be better?

Are you one of the people who wonder what is so appealing about sailing a triangular course?  Well, firstly it helps improve your sailing skills and techniques.  Instead of sailing wherever the wind takes you, you have to sail in a particular direction and turn at a specific time.  There will always be both tacking and gybing, so an opportunity to hone those skills.  And – when there are enough of us – an opportunity to have a bit of friendly competition!   If you want to join in you will be most welcome, we are a small group and always keen to encourage newcomers – there are a couple of club Wayfarers sitting in the dinghy park waiting for you!

So as people return to Spain after their summer break, hopefully we’ll see more boats on the water!


See you Sunday

Malcolm Kaye

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