The Club

With a history spanning over two decades

WELCOME - bienvenido - benvingut - ongi etorria - bienvenu - willkommen
- bem vindo - CROESO - failte - benvenuto - welkom - välkommen - tervetoloa

We warmly welcome ad hoc visitors to sail with us, as an appetiser and introduction to joining the club.

Membership of Santa Irene Club de Vela is truly inexpensive, and yet provides great fun on the water, exciting experiences, and a new circle of good friends.

To become a member
of Santa Irene Sailing Club, prospective members should have some prior experience of sailing, preferably dinghies, rather than motorboats, or even yachts. Sailing yachts is similar to sailing dinghies; or at least some of the principles are similar, but in so many ways it is so very different. This previous sailing experience could include having completed dinghy sailing courses, participating in previous dinghy sailing regattas, or demonstrating a reasonable level of proficiency and knowledge and experience in dinghy sailing techniques. Many of our members learned to sail dinghies as teenagers, went on to sail cruising or racing yachts, but have subsequently gone back to dinghies, for the action and excitement and water contact, on a reasonable budget.

We are not licensed or able to formally instruct or train new sailors, but we can advise and assist a new member already possessing some experience and keen to learn and experience more, to develop and enhance their dinghy sailing experience and competence and skills. Contact us for more information.

Persons interested to join the club should talk with us, meet with us, and we will provide good and realistic background information on our expectations and yours. There is a formal application form, and we would want information from an applicant on any relevant experience or certifications or qualifications, whether from dinghy sailing or yacht sailing or motorboats.

Although English is the main lingua franca of the club, as we have active members from several countries including of course Spain,  as well as Germany, Switzerland, Ireland, Italy, Belgium, Netherlands and South Africa, so we can cater to the home language of most enquirers. 

The club has approx. 25 dinghies of which 5 are owned by the club and the others owned privately, belonging to various classes such as ILCA/Lasers, Wayfarers, Visions, Flying Dutchmen and Snipes, as well as several other individual examples of different classes such as Albacore, Mirror, Vaurien, etc. We can all race together using an internationally recognised dinghy racing handicap system; the Portsmouth Yardstick Handicap system.

Owning a boat is definitely not an essential requirement for new members. However, if you already do have your own dinghy then the Club offers special storage fees for members bringing their own boat to the club Dinghy Park. The approximately 20 privately-owned boats are intended only for the owners use, though the owner of a double-handed dinghy such as a Wayfarer or Snipe or Vision, etc., may on occasion be in need of a crew for a particular day’s sailing.

If you don’t have your own dinghy, then as a club member you can have use of the club dinghies, initially as crew and in due course as skipper. Or you can arrange with an owner/skipper of a privately owned double-handed dinghy to crew for them when the owner/skipper is in need of a crew for a particular Sunday. We all learn from changing our crew pairings from time to time.

Safety Boat Team
We are often in need of new people to join our Safety Boat Team, initially as crew and hopefully in due course graduate to become a skipper of the Safety Boat. No need to pay the €90 annual fee to be an SICV club member. For a great time out on the water, plus receiving gratis beers & tapas after your Safety Boat session and making new friends. Contact us for more information.

The SICV Mission Statement is available here.

Santa Irene Club de Vela is based in the port of Garrucha, in the province of Almeria. Located between the coastal villages of Vera Playa and the well-known Mojacar Playa, Garrucha is a superb location for our club and our racing activities.

Garrucha is a beautiful and lively town with a long history of fishing and maritime trade, and a very active port of commercial shipping (gypsum from the mines of Sorbas that is shipped from Garrucha to all over the world) and commercial fishing boats, motorboats, sailing yachts, and of course ourselves: S.I.C.V.

Garrucha is known for its excellent beaches, its tourist facilities and its delicious red shrimp and for its rich cultural heritage, with monuments such as the Castle of San Ramón, the Church of San Joaquín, and the Town Hall. Garrucha is a town that offers many attractions and activities for visitors and residents; such as yacht sailing, motorboat hire, fishing trips, SCUBA diving, dinghy & catamaran & windsurfer & kite surfer hire and instruction (from Over Limit Nautica located at nearby Puerto Rey/Vera Playa), golf, hiking, cycling, as well as enjoying its gastronomy and numerous festivals

Garrucha is a uniquely Spanish town that combines tradition with modernity, and that invites you to discover its many charms.

The Club

With a fascinating history spanning over two decades, Santa Irene Club de Vela is the ideal dinghy sailing club for dinghy sailors at the coast of Vera and Garrucha and Mojacar; to get together and embark on weekly adventures on the water, keeping alive our founder’s passion of sailing.

The History

With a background of dinghy racing from the 1950s, John Talliss founded Santa Irene Club de Vela in 2002 aiming to bring the sport of dinghy sailing to the youth of Mojacar, where the club was originally based.

However, John’s passion for sailing was in sharing it with others. With this in mind, he set about starting a sailing club by building 2 Optimist dinghies in 2001 and then went on to acquire a further 8 more dinghies over the next year. The club has now become firmly established in the commercial port of the town of Garrucha, with a very friendly cosmopolitan membership that brings great pleasure to our many dinghy sailing enthusiasts.

Nowadays, we are approximately 60 club members and approximately 25 boats.

The Location

Located in the always sunny coastal town of Garrucha, Almería, our sailing club benefits from a unique combination of geographical features, including the Sierra de Cabrera mountains above Mojacar to the South and the Sierra Almagrera mountains above Villaricos to the North and the sparkling Mediterranean Sea to the East. These geological features create a microclimate of variable wind and sea conditions, such as the Levante and Poniente winds, providing ideal conditions for exhilarating sailing experiences.

Every Sunday, year round, we set up a race course around three inflatable buoys, located just off the shoreline by Garrucha Castle. We are between four and ten boats each Sunday, depending on the prevailing conditions and which of our many visiting members are in town. We usually run three races, from approximately 12:00 to 14:00. Come watch the action from the shoreline or the comfort of the Boracay restaurant or Espigon chiringuito, or the new spectators parklands area that is currently under development beside Garrucha castle.

The S.I.C.V. CLUB organisation

The Committee was elected by all Club members in 2023.

The Annual General Meeting was held on Friday 19th January 2024, 

when the Committee members for 2024 were re-elected without change from 2023.

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Years of Our History

Chairman – Peter Loveday 

Vice Chairman – Andy Bond 

Secretary – Michele Makepeace 

Treasurer – Jo Fraser 

Maintenance Officer – Steve Lee

Safety Boat Officer – Steve Lee 

Liaison Officer – Diana Sojo

Honorary Member – Vic Bensen

                           Web Designer / Webmaster        – Xavi Braun

                           Responsible Committee Member – Steve Lee