Water – Boat Yard Update

It all comes to those who wait, they say.  I am very pleased to announce that we finally have water access to the club.  It is for our exclusive use and has a meter which means that we will be billed for its use.

Thanks to new member Phillipe, who made the installation following the Port Authority approval, the installation has been made so that we have a control valve inside our casita (shed). You will need to open the casita and turn on the main valve inside – turn lever so that it is in line with the pipe. There is also an outside tap for convenience.  There are two hoses, a good one for the main use and a cheaper chino offering as an extension. I don’t think that it will be long before the cheap hose is replaced with another good one.

The connector at the end of the good hose has an autostop fitting. This means that you can make connection changes without having to turn the supply off. There is a pistol control. Initially we were keeping the hoses outside but with the addition of the fittings I think that it is too tempting and I think that these will disappear if left outside.  The coil holder has now  been placed inside the casita and I would ask all users to store the hoses on this. As the floor of the casita is made of chipboard, which is notoriously poor in wet conditions, we will need to obtain some waterproofing for this area.  If you have something suitable unused as home, please feel free to donate it. Before storing the hoses please make sure that you have emptied them of retained water.

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