Wayfarer Booking Procedure

Due to the increase in members there is a high demand to use the club Wayfarers. The recently arrived second Wayfarer has not yet been commissioned for use and is currently uninsured.  Both of these issues are currently in work. Meanwhile, the one Wayfarer is available as usual.

For both the existing and the second Wayfarer the pre-booking system will  continue as previously with a couple of adjustments. Lynne has stepped down from this role and Peter Brown has agreed to fill the slot. You can email Peter with the subject of your email clearly entitled Wayfarer Booking.

Peter’s email address is:- peterfbrown1@hotmail.com

You may only book for the immediate week ahead which will run Sunday to Sunday.

Name who is helm and who is crew

You cannot block book

Peter will confirm your booking on the Wednesday prior to your Sunday request.

You can make enquiries for other days within that week.

Please do not use this email for any other subject other than booking your day.

Peter will adjudicate “Fair Use” of the boats, for instance, if a member had already had use the previous Sunday and they and another member and crew has made a request for the following Sunday then it will be allocated to the member/crew who did not have previous use.

I am in the process of creating a specific Santa Irene – “boatbooking@santaireneclubdevela.com” address and will advise you when that comes into effect.

We are hopeful that it will not be necessary to make the rules more complex in order to run a fair play system. Things that come to mind for example are:- where Joe and George sail together frequently so George books the boat and sails with Joe who books the boat the following week and sails with George. I am certain that there exists a high level of fair play code within our members and that cumbersome and tighter regulation will not be required.

My thanks to you all,


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